Demo Size Contains By 979 KB Forward, backwards & sidewards bj CLX 260 KB Assault inner gap jump CLX 621 KB Assault roof to bridge jump CLX 553 KB Assault roof to roof jump CLX 463 KB Aztec tricks (the big gap) CLX 494 KB Aztec tricks (the upper course) CLX 556 KB Aztec ct ownage jumps CLX 487 KB Cbble t gap + CLX 282 KB Cbble t gap backwards CLX 674 KB Cbble tour with some neat tricks CLX 738 KB Dust speedy tour with gap jumps ++ CLX 410 KB Dust grind and the long gap CLX 827 KB Dust2 1 min tour with the dust 2 gap ++ CLX 276 KB Italy gap ecl1pse 201 KB Mansion neat trickjumping on the hedge ecl1pse 321 KB Mansion2 roof to hedge gap ecl1pse 392 KB Nuke huge 180 CLX 272 KB Nuke roof gap CLX 389 KB Nuke ct crate jump CLX 330 KB Nuke t-roof jumps CLX 297 KB Nuke b2 gap CLX 347 KB Nuke roof to boxes CLX 464 KB Oilrig roof to helipad jump CLX 493 KB Oilrig roof jumps & oilrig giant jump CLX 540 KB Oilrig roof combination CLX 277 KB Rotterdam giant gap CLX 564 KB Siege ct gap CLX 354 KB Siege roof jumps CLX 1350 KB Railroad thirdperson demo CLX 489 KB Train b2 train jumps CLX 627 KB Train b2 train jumps CLX