-clux two thousand and four!
20. April | clux
It's been over two years since last update and every time I join #x-pec on quakenet there seems to be someone there who wants my demos, so I figured it was time for an update.

First of, the question most of you have; how do you play these demos?
-You'll need cs1.1 and according to eclipse; hl 1104. If this doesn't seem to work just give him a message, he loves everyone on irc :-)
If you're smart you'll google for something like: index of apache csv11full, or: index of apache hl1104.

Secondly, I'll tell you one thing, which is to be taken as an answer to all the querys I get regarding my participation in any private games you'd might invite me to.
I don't play CS anymore (since 1.3), I hardly play anything at all. I actually catch myself telling people I don't even have HL installed anymore as a lack of interest in explaining the full story. I however, keep it there for DM purposes and hoping that one day I'll be able to enjoy playing rocketcrowbar again (Wow! Looks like they're finally updating their mod). Anyway I'm just a bit tired of people who seem to think that nobody can ever outgrow counter-strike.

The mail address all CLX' on the site link to, embarrassingly enough contains a typo. Figure the guy that actually owns this e-mail is pretty tired of questions, so please give him a break, thx. If you however, do wish to get a hold of me, you can check out my site,

I wish I could do something about the adolescent mockery of the English language presented to you in the bunnyjump guide. However, having to read through your postings as a seventeen year old is somewhat like eating your own vomit, and there's a threshold of desperation that needs to be reached before I take such drastic measures.

-clux out.

-Demos still work!
20. January | CLX
IF you have cs 1.1 :-)